About Me

About Alicia

Growing up I was active.  I played sports throughout middle school and high school but once I went off to college I became less active.  Being less active caused weight gain and more weight gain. 
In the spring of 2009, I was diagnosed with a mass in my lung.  Not knowing what the mass was, I began stress eating and gaining even more weight.  After my lung surgery, I realized I was the largest I had ever been. 

My Largest Weight Summer 2009

I started Weight Watchers online and hoped to lose the pounds.  I dropped the pounds but eventually stopped dieting and gained most of the weight back.
In January 2012, I decided I had to lose weight and had to become healthy. 

My Second Largest Weight December 31, 2011

I vowed “To Get Fit 2012” and I did just that.  Throughout 2012, I became more active and lost a total of 62 pounds. 

Current Weight

With another move in 2013, I gained some of my weight loss back.  My goals for 2014 is to get the weight back off, run a half marathon pain free, do more triathlons, and make this blog a place to find any and all healthy information.

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