Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap - Week of September 23rd

After posting my fitness goals, I decided I would do a weekly recap to help hold myself accountable.

I started my day with 30 Day Shred.  I could tell it had been a while since I had my one on one time with Jillian.  The cardio was fine, but my shoulders burnt after the squat and press.

After my morning workout, I waited to get my knew treadmill.  The delivery men dropped it off around 11 and I was on it by 12:30.  

I started off slow but then became really worried when I picked up the pace I couldn't maintain it.   I did 30 minutes or 2.41 miles.  

When J came home, I told him the treadmill seemed fast.  Too fast.  Sure enough it was way too fast.  We recalebrated it and it was fine.

I didn't do plank a day Monday because I hadn't decided to make it a goal yet.


Tuesday I startedmy morning with a plank.  I knew immediately that my core strength was missing but I held on and gave myself a good base to start from.

After my plank, I did 30 Day Shred.  My shoulders didn't feel as sore but I felt my abs burn during the bicycle crunches.  

I ran some errands and then decided to try out a different pool.  I didn't love the one I used before (only 3 lap lanes) so I decided to try the Fenton Recreation Center.  This pool was the exact same as the one last week, I guess I didn't need to try a new one!  I decided to swim 1000 yards.  Boy was it difficult.  I can definitely tell I've not been swimming as often.  I may need to go to two days a week.  But I'll keep to my goals for the time being.


woke up feeling a little under the weather.  I slept in, meaning I missed the good weather window for running.  I decided to go with the treadmill.  I was hoping to run 45 minutes but after 15 minutes I knew this wouldn't happen.  My lungs were killing me and I continued to cough.  I cut my run short because I wanted to be a able to knock out 11 miles Saturday.  I ran 30 minutes or 2.4 miles.

Immediately following my run on the treadmill, I did my plank and 30 Day Shred.  My plank felt much better but I want to be able to hold it a lot longer.

I woke up early for a planned run outside.  Unfortunately, I felt pretty congested.  I went back to bed and woke up a little later but decided to cut my outside run.

I started with my plank a day and then upped my weights for 30 Day Shred.  After 30 Day Shred, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I finally got my haircut and ran some errands.  Then I got a new wind.  The weather was gorgeous so I decided to take my bike for a ride.

I tried out my new cycling gear and headed to Grant's Trail.  I took the ride easy especially since I found out my bike's computer wasn't working.  I'm not sure that the issue is.  I used the Map My Ride app but definitely don't love it.  I went about 8 miles in 35 minutes.  The highlight of the ride was seeing the Budweiser horses.

It was a light day of working out in preparation for my long run on Saturday.  I woke up and made a delicious and healthy trifle.

Then I prepped lasagna for dinner.

I then did my daily plank (over 2 minutes)!

And finished up with 30 Day Shred.  It was an easy day of working out.

I had been dreading Saturday's long run all week.  The week before when I had 10 miles to run it was difficult.  My GPS kept losing signal and it was humid.  So I just didn't feel like running 11 miles because I felt my love of running was going away.

Luckily, J and I met up with the St. Louis Track club to run.  The St. Louis Track club is currently training for the Rock N Roll Marathon while I'm doing the half so I knew I wouldn't be running is far, but it was a good change of scenery.  We ran along the river trail in Alton, Il.  So we had views of the Mississippi River the entire time.  The 11 miles were tough but I did it!  I ran 11 miles in 2:08 (9 minutes faster than my 10 mile run the week before). 

I had planned on doing my plank prior to my run but forgot since we were on the road before 6.  So I did it after my run and boy did I struggle!

Sunday was tough.  My legs and back were hurting from Saturday's run.  But I knocked out 30 Day Shred and a plank.
My longest plank yet!
I had hoped to ride my bike but I had a bridal shower for my BFF to attend.  

Overall, I was pleased with my week.  I stuck with most of my goals and can't wait to keep it up.

Total workouts:
30 Day Shred - 6 Days 
Plank A Day - 6 Days
Bike - 8 miles
Swim - 1000 yards
Run - 17.96 miles 

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