Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Abs

Workout Wednesday this week focuses on abs.  I struggle maintaining core work but I know it is necessary for my back as well as looking good in a swimsuit.  I have been sticking with 30 Day Shred and plank a day, but know I should be incorporating more core work.  This workout is perfect for your abs.

- Crunches - 15 sets

- Reverse Crunches - 15 sets

- Bicycle Crunches - 15 sets

- Plank - start with 30 seconds and build your way up.

- Side Plank - start with 30 seconds snd build your way up.

- Standing Row - 15 sets on each side

- Oblique Twists - 15 sets on each side

Work through each exercise and repeat 3 times.  You'll be getting toned abs in no time!

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