Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Race Plans

If you follow me on Instagram you may notice that I started triathlon training this week.  I have been working out but I do much better when I have an actual race.  So I knew I needed to get serious and I decided to select another sprint triathlon, because I don't think I am physically ready for a longer distance.  

I will be doing the Ballwin Triathlon on July 13th.  I have 7 weeks to get my body back in triathlon shape.  So to keep me on track, I will start posting my workout recaps on Monday to make sure I am actually doing everything!  Fingers crossed.  

So for now my summer plans looks like this:


Train for the Ballwin Triathlon and move into our new house.  Did I mention J and I are moving again?  We are but this time it is permanent thank god!  We are closing on our house June 6th and the move will take the first few weeks.  It's a local move so we plan to move some of our stuff on our own.  I am either crazy or really motivated to move and train at the same time.  I expect my body to be exhausted most of the time but I will get through it.


Firecracker 5000 - July 4th.  I am debating between the 5K and the 10K.  I will see how my training is going and how much I am running and make that decision when I get closer.

Ballwin Triathlon - July 13th.  Sprint triathlon - 300 m swim, 9 mile bike, and 3.4 mile run.

Start half marathon training.  J and I have signed up for the Best Damn Race Cape Coral in December, but I am considering doing a half marathon in the fall and one in the winter.  I am still up in the air on this but will be deciding soon and training will start in July.  If I decide to do one, I will be skipping the Rock n Roll after last year's back issues and going with a flatter course.  


5K Foam Fest - August 16th  

I received the opportunity through Sweat Pink to become an ambassador for the Foam Fest.  Thinking about doing one of these races?  Use the code FF3396 to save on a race entry at any of these great locations!  

I would also like to find another triathlon for this month or the first part of September.  So I will be on the lookout.

What are your summer race plans?

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