Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Coeur Sports Checkmate Triathlon Top and Bottom

Disclosure:  I received a Coeur Sports Checkmate Triathlon Top and Bottom in exchange for my honest review as a campaign with Fit Approach.  All opinions are my own. 

I was ecstatic when Fit Approach announced an opportunity for Sweat Pink Ambassadors to try out apparel from Coeur Sports.  I had seen many triathletes wearing Coeur Sports apparel and loved that the triathlon suits were cute but also functional.  I immediately applied but was doubtful that I would get an opportunity to try them.  Luckily for me, I was selected!  When I was selected, I started browsing the triathlon suits to determine which one I would pick.  Each of the triathlon suits from Coeur Sports are cute but I fell in love with the Checkmate Triathlon Top and Bottom.  

Coeur Sports triathlon suits are extremely stylish.  In my opinion, most triathlon suits look the same and are kind of masculine.  But the Coeur Sports triathlon suits seemed designed with a woman in mind.  The checkmate triathlon top and bottom have fun white blocks along the legs with a blue background and everything is trimmed in pink.  Coeur Sports strives to make triathlon suits that are comfortable with a yoga-style waistband, seamless crotch, and wider leg holes the suits are designed to make sure you will not chafe. 

The shorts have three shallow pockets while the top has two rear pockets.  Coeur Sports triathlon gear includes:  anti-friction seams, UV-50, anti-microbial, super soft fabric and the shorts have a 5" inseam.  

So how did I like the Coeur Sports Checkmate Triathlon Top and Bottoms

 I decide to go for a ride on Tuesday to determine if the suit would work for all my triathlon needs.  I had planned to ride a route that J had road a few weekends ago.  He had warned me that some of the road had pot holes but wasn't too bad.  I was a little worried about the Checkmate Triathlon Top and Bottom because the chamois didn't offer as much padding as my bike shorts (but typical for a tri suit) and in the past the limited padding of the tri suit has caused problems for sensitive areas.  My first triathlon shorts from 2XU had absolutely no padding and caused me to cry while riding hills.  So I was a little worried, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  Since Coeur Sports offers a seamless chamois there is no rubbing or chaffing!  I road the bike for 7.78 miles and did hit bumps along the way.  You could feel the bumps but not as bad as in the past and the suit did not ride up a major bonus.  The back pockets were also very good.  I placed my phone in the one pocket and keys in the other.  The elastic for the pockets allowed for those items to stay place and not move even when hitting bumps.  After the ride I examined my legs and back, I felt and saw on signs of chaffing.  Overall, I am extremely happy with Coeur Sports.  Although the triathlon suits are $79.99 for the shorts and $79.99 for the tops, I believe that it is money well spent since you know you will not experience chaffing and look cute while competing.  If you are in the market for a triathlon suit, I would keep Coeur Sports in mind!

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