Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Running - Hills

Last Tuesday, I did my first training running that involved hills.  I will be honest I was pretty nervous.  We were meeting to run Flagpole Hill in Dallas (which I have walked up after walking a 15K).  I knew the hill was high and I was actually dreading it.

Flagpole Hill in the day time

When we got to the hill, it was pitch black and I was thankful that I had my new light attached to my hat.  As we lined up to do the run, the President of the Dallas Running Club told us to make sure that if we puked to do it on the left side of the road so that others did not step in it.  This definitely didn't make me feel better.  

But as we started our warm up run, I thought hopefully this won't be too bad.  Then we started going up the first hill it wasn't too bad.  My legs felt fine and I realized I could keep up a decent pace.  We did four sets of hills and then headed home.  It was definitely easier than I expected.

For hills, I decided to wear something to help motivate me to tackle the hills.  I tried out my new fila pants.  I saw them at Kohl's and new I had to have them.

FILA SPORT Crossfire Performance Skimmer Pants - Kohl's - $24.00
Tek Gear Embossed Dot Performance Tee - Pink -$30.00 (I got mine on sale for $15)

Now that I have survived my first night of hills, I am ready for the rest of the hills training. 

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  1. I LOVE those leggings and definitely helps motivate me to be wearing some cute fitness gear! Have you heard of Ellie (used to be pv.body)? I am now signed up to that so I get a new top and cute leggings each month to keep me motivated! I will have to keep you updated on how the 30 day shred goes. I'm nervous, but excited!