Friday, April 12, 2013

My First 5K Since My Injury

Last Saturday, I decided to lace up my shoes (new ones) and try a 5K race.  This would be the longest run since I injured my knee in February.  I was really concerned about this but decided I would never know if I was ready unless I tried.  

I was racing the DRC Tal Morrison Classic.  The race was free since it was a member race.  My husband was running the 15K and going slow since has a half this weekend.  So I decided to line up with him and take it slow.  We started out at a 10:30 pace and my knee felt good.  At the turn around point, I knew I could go faster so I picked up the pace.  I knew my finish time wouldn't be my fastest but I was happy to know that I could run again without pain!  I finished the 5K in 32:10 or a 10:03 pace.  I definitely finished slower than I have before but to be able to run again felt wonderful!!  

Since my knee is doing better, I will be working on sprint intervals to increase my speed and registering for the Derby Run.  The Derby Run was my second 5K last year when I was walking and I loved the course because it was fast.  I am hoping to PR at the race make it under 30 minutes.  Fingers crossed!!

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