Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Surrender Squats

I have decided to start a new series on the blog called Workout Wednesday.  Since I am doing Best Body Bootcamp, I thought I would share one exercise a week from the workout that I found particularly challenging.  I have completed the first week of bootcamp and I must say that I absolutely love it.  The workouts have been challenging but I love the fact that I am learning different workouts that I can use in the future. 

One workout that completely kicked my butt last week and this week is Surrender Squats.  Boy my quads were killing me for days after this one.  

To perform a surrender squat you will need dumbbells, an exercise mat, and do the following:    

-Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms raised overhead.

-Drop your right leg to the floor into a kneeling position, then drop your left leg, keeping arms lifted the entire time.

-Stand back up without using your arms, starting with your left leg, then right.

-Repeat sequence, starting with opposite leg.

-Do 8 reps, alternating legs.

This move is completely crazy but a great workout.  For more awesome workouts, I suggest checking out Best Body Bootcamp

Have you performed a surrender squat?

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