Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Longest Ride

I did it!  I road my longest ride and I didn't freak out and I did it all by myself!  Sunday I loaded up my bike and headed to Oak Point Nature Preserve.  

The nature preserve is a quick drive to our house and offers a ton of different trail options so I knew I could ride a lot of miles without having any issues.  Little did I know it would go as well as it did.  

I wore my knew cycling shirt from The Clymb and it worked out perfectly!  It had a pocket in the back for my gel, cell phone, and keys.  

I made two loops around the park and although it was crowded in a few spots, I still managed to go 15.04 miles in 1:07:56.  I still have a lot of work in the speed department but my average pace was a lot faster than I have went before and it was the farthest I have even went.  I really enjoyed the ride and plan to make oak point nature preserve a weekly regular.  

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