Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sprint Triathlon Training Week 1

You may remember that last week I mentioned that I would be starting my sprint triathlon training and the training would take 9 weeks.  As I was traveling home last Monday from our mini vacation, I started thinking about my training and realized that I totally miscalcualted.  I had planned on starting my training on Memorial Day when I was planning to use a longer training plan.  When I switched training plans, I did not change my start date which left me with a lot more time to train.  I decided not to change my start date but to modify my training plan to start with.  I will continue following the plan but will go from moderate to minimum training until July 1st.  This will get me a lot more time practicing and will allow me to switch from the beginner plan to the intermediate plan.  So this week, I followed the plan with a few modifications.


I was supposed to swim and do strength training Monday.  However, I was completely exhausted from our trip to Table Rock Lake and since I knew I had more time to train I took Monday off from training.


AM:  30 minute bike ride

I was supposed to only bike for 30 minutes instead I biked a little longer and got in an 11.57 mile ride.  I felt pretty good and my legs felt great.  I went for 53 minutes instead of 30.

PM:  30 minute run

My run Tuesday evening didn't go very well.  The weather was kind of nasty - super hot and humid and my legs actually felt a little tired by evening.  So I ran on the elliptical instead of outside for 30 minutes and went 2.3 miles.


AM:  Strength Training

I plan on getting in strength training twice a week but I just didn't feel up to it in the morning.  I had hoped to squeeze it in after my swim.

PM:  1,000 yard Swim

Wednesday's swim was the best I have felt in the pool since starting in February.  I still went slow but I didn't feel as uncomfortable as I sometimes do.  I think having a more structured workout helped as well.


AM:  30 minute run

One day a week will likely be limited to the elliptical for running.  I have to leave my house by 6:15 am to make it to work on time so sometimes I need to hit the snooze button from time to time.  Thursday was definitely one of those mornings.  I decided to sleep a little longer which made it impossible to run outside.  So I opted for the elliptical again (this must change for future training weeks).  I ran 2.37 miles in 30 minutes. 

PM:  30 minute bike ride

I have been riding my bike at the Oak Point Nature Preserve.  I absolutely love riding there however it sometimes causes issues with maintaining a fast speed.  Thursday night I definitely had to go slower than normal because of people on my path.  I have a feeling I will be switching to road rides sooner than I had planned.  I road 7.5 miles in 30:21 minutes.


AM:  Strength Training

Friday is supposed to be only dedicated to swimming but since I had skipped strength training Wednesday and skipped my workout in general on Monday I decided to do a little strength training on Friday.  My strength training is going to be 30 Day Shred.  I love the workout and still can work my arms, abs, and get some cardio in.

PM:  1000 yard swim

I wasn't sure if my legs/arms were going to be able to do 1000 yards on Friday, but I made myself do it.  I went a little slower than Wednesday's swim, but I focused on using only my arms for the laps.  My arms felt sore but held up the entire time which was shocking.


30 Minute Run

The weather was gorgeous for my Saturday morning run unfortunately I could tell from the beginning that my legs didn't have much energy.  I had hoped to go for 45 minutes since I will be out of town next weekend but could tell immediately I could only do a 3 mile loop.  I ran 3.05 miles in 33 minutes so a nice slow pace.

Saturday we spent the day walking around so I got a little more exercise in. 


60 minute bike ride followed by 5 minute run

The training schedule called for a 60 minute ride, but since I am going to be out of town next weekend and will likely not get any rides in I decided to increase my time and distance.  I had planned on going 90 minutes but the path turned out to be 89 minutes.  I biked 20.24 miles.  There were parts of the path that had pedestrians that would not get out of the way which definitely caused a slower pace.  But the slower pace was definitely nice on my legs.

After the ride, I laced up my running shoes and attempted to run.  The first time I ran after the bike I wanted to die.  I only made it .53 miles and my legs felt absolutely terrible.  I wasn't sure how far I would make it or how fast I would go.  My goal was to run around the lake where I ride and to run no matter what.  I did it!  I ran 1.10 miles in 10:48 minutes.  I felt like I was moving really slow but my pace was actually better than Saturday's run.

Swim:  2000 yards
Bike:  39.31 miles
Run/Elliptical:  8.82 miles
Time:  6:05

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