Friday, October 25, 2013

St. Louis Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Goals

This Sunday I will be running my first ever half marathon.  I have completed the distance, but that was walking so I'm excited to run the entire race this Sunday.

My training for the half hasn't been perfect.  I had 8 weeks from my triathlon to start the training.  Since my injury in February, the longest I had run was 6 miles so I had a lot of training to do.  In the 8 weeks, I was also moving, etc.

I was tentatively following a plan from Runner's World, but I had to follow it in a way not to injure my knee again.

I did all of my long runs, but I missed a lot of speed work so my half goals have shifted.

Goal A:  
When I started the training my A goal was 2:20:00.  I really thought I could do it but skipping the speed work makes that impossible.

So my knew A goal is 2:25:00.  This time is still pretty impossible but I will see what I can do.

Goal B:
My B goal is definitely more attainable.  This goal is 2:30:00.  I plan to line up with the 2:30:00 pace and if I have more in me I'll push with 2-3 miles left.  Hopefully, I can at least attain this goal.

Goal C:
My only real goal for this race is to finish and run the entire thing.  I walked my first half in 2:58:29 so as long as I beat that I'll PR.
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