Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap - Week of September 30th

I tried to stick with my goals this week but I definitely struggled.  Mid week I woke up with some sort of stomach bug.  I tried to keep working out, but I had a cut out a few exercises.


I started Monday with my plank and 30 Day Shred.  After that workout, I did two miles on my treadmill in 24 minutes.

I was dreading my treadmill workout.  The machine seemed way too fast but it was calerbrated correctly so I thought I was just out of shape.  Turns out it was wrong!  So I should be good to go for future runs.


I remembered Tuesday morning that I didn't have cash for my swim.  I'm still deciding which rec center to buy a membership to so I keep buying day passes.  I'm having issues with my debit card so I knew I had to do something other than swim.

I started the morning with my plank and 30 Day Shred.  After that I took Sophie to a park close to the new place and she loved it!

I then loaded up the bike and headed to Grant's Trail.  I really like riding there although I prefer the road.  I got to the trail and luckily my computer was working.  On the way out, I had the wind to my back and was moving fast.  I knew that would make a tough ride on the way back.  It definitely did.  I was peddling pretty hard and was only going 12.3 MPH.  But I rode my longest distance since my triathlon (15.82 miles) in 1:06:00.


Wednesday was all around rough.  I woke up to run but didn't feel great.  So I rested until my bridesmaid dress alteration appointment.  I was hoping after that I would feel better, but I didn't.  So I was only able to pull out a plank and not even a good one at that.


I woke up still under the weather but I hoped sweating would make me feel better.  I struggled through my plank a day and 30 Day Shred.  It was pretty awful but I made it.

Thursday afternoon I started to feel better.  I had dinner and it all went down hill for there.  So I knew Friday's workout was going to be hard but I wanted to get some workouts in.

I started the day with a plank.  The plank felt good so I thought 30 Day Shred would feel good.  It didn't.  I felt clammy the entire time.  I pushed through but didn't enjoy myself.

After 30 Day Shred, I knew I needed to get a better workout in.  I put on my swimsuit and hit up a new pool.

I've been trying new pools.  I want one that is as nice as the one in Plano with the same cost.  So far I haven't found one.  Friday I went to The Lodge at Des Peres.  The pool was very nice.  It's a wave pool but during the day there are 6 lap lanes available.  I really liked the facility but it costs much more than the other two facilities I've tried.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

The lap swimming went well.  I was slow but faster than last week.  I swam 1150 in 36:06.  I've got to get faster.   


I woke up still feeling pretty terrible Saturday.  I had 12 miles planned but I wasn't sure how it would work out.  J and I met the St. Louis track club at Forest Park for a run.  He had 20 miles planned and I decided to see how I could go.  The first mile was horrendous.  My stomach hurt and I had little energy.  Luckily, I pushed on and got into a gorgeous area of the park.  The park being gorgeous helped me get through.  Even though I was going slow, I decided I would run at least 13.1 miles.  I got rained on but ended with 13.32 miles!  It was slow (2:49:00) but I did it!  I was proud of myself for pushing through even though I felt pretty bad.  My legs held up well but my back definitely felt it.

When I got home, I made sure I did my plank.  It was not a long one but I did it!

I woke up still pretty sore in my back area but J and I had plans to walk with his work for JDRF to raise money for diabetes.

I started with my plank.

Then we headed to Forest Park for the 1 mile walk.

We walked a slow mile (29:30) but for a good cause.

After the walk, I had an internal debate with myself over 30 Day Shred.  I really didn't want to do it but I had already skipped Wednesday when I felt terrible.  I decided to put some heat on my back then 30 Day Shred.  It didn't feel amazing but I'm glad I did it.

Overall I was happy with this week's workouts.  For feeling bad 3 1/2 days this week I can't complain.  I wish I could have gotten some more miles running but I'll take what I got.  

This week I plan to add some side planks and will do better eating since last week was all over the place.  I've got 18 days until my birthday so I need to make it count! 

Total Workouts:
7 hours 55 minutes 
5 days of 30 Day Shred 
7 days of planks
1150 yards swimming
15.32 miles running
1 mile walked 
15.82 miles biked 

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