Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to review several products.  One such product is the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer.  When deciding what to select from Vega Sport and the Your Fuel Better Campaign,  I decided to go with the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer for a few reasons.  I wanted to have extra energy before my workout.  In the past, I have used EnergyBits as well as Crystal Lite Energy to prepare for my workout so I knew I would have a basis for review.  

Vega Sport began with the theme you are what you eat.  Professional Ironman, Brendan Brazier was told that a plant-based diet would not be enough to cut it on the Irmonman circuit.  We began to do research and after an intense study, Brendan crated a plant-based, whole food diet that helped him recover faster and train harder.  Brendan's vision led to the formulation of the original all-in-one nutritional shake known as Vega One and the awarding winning Vega Sport line of nutritional supplants like Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer.  

Vega Sport is the first all-natural, plant-based performance enhancement system specially developed to help athletes perform at their best - before, during, and after training and competition.  Vega Sport products are plant-based, dairy, gluten, and soy free and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.  

The Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer allows you to fuel better by getting in the zone with energy to burn by providing immediate and sustained energy, increases endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and enhances mental focus.  

The directions for the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer states to mix one pack in 1 cup (8 Fl oz) of cold water 20 minutes prior to low intensity or short duration (less than 1 hour) exercise.  

The first person in my family to try the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer was my husband.  J tried it prior to the Cinco K Mayo Race.  He warned me that the product did not mix well in water and had a muddy water/gritty taste.  Within a few minutes, J was feeling refreshed and felt like he has better energy than prior to taking the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer.  

I decided to try mine out the following day when I had a home workout plan.  I mixed the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer and could tell immediately that it was gritty.  I drank most of the water but wasn't in love with the taste.  It kind of reminded me of bad tea.  I do not like tea so it was difficult to get the entire mixture down.  However within a few minutes, I started feeling less tired and got through my workout with little to no problems.  

The next day I drank the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer prior to my personal trainer session.  I immediately felt the effects of the drink.  I worked out with my trainer then road my bike for the first time.  I had the energy to knock out a 50 minute workout followed by a 6 mile bike ride.  I thought I would get use to the taste, but I still didn't love it.

I decided to give the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer another try mixed with my Fruit Punch Crystal Lite.  The drink definitely didn't taste as bad but it didn't mix as well in the Crystal Lite so there was a film of the mix on the top.  

Overall, I was pleased with how I felt after taking the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer.  I had more energy than I did when taking the Crystal Lite energy.  I plan to continue taking it to fuel me better for my workouts.  However, I will continue to play around with mixing the product so that I avoid the gritty taste.  

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