Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Chair Dips

Looking for a great exercise for your back and arms?  The chair dips are a great exercise for those body parts and the best part?  You can do them anywhere that you have a chair!  Do you travel for work?  Squeeze these in while waiting at the airport or even at your desk just watch out for the rolling wheels.

-Sitting on the edge of a dining room or kitchen chair with your feet together, place your hands next to your hips with your fingers wrapped under the seat of the chair.  Make sure the chair is stable
-Use your arms to lift your hips forward and off the chair
-With your back close to the edge of the chair bend your elbows and lower your hips.  Keep your shoulders down
-Using your arms, push back up to the starting position.  Do not lock elbows.
-Repeat 10-12 times, rest 15-20 seconds and do two more.

What's your favorite arm and back workout?

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