Friday, July 11, 2014

Fashion Fitness Friday: Race Jewelry

Do you run races for the thrill of the race?  Or do you do it for the bling your get at the end?  I personally do it for the fun and thrill of the race, but it doesn't hurt to get some bling.  Race medals are great, but you can't wear them all the time.  So I dedicated this Fashion Fitness Friday post to race jewelry.  I don't own any of these pieces, but I think they would be fun pieces to add to my jewelry collection.  Plus, I could hold my head high and wear these pieces all the time unlike a medal.

The 13.1 Heart Necklace from Erica Sara Designs is absolutely beautiful.  The sterling silver necklace allows your to pick your fonts as well as necklace length which allows for customization.  I like that I can show off finishing two half marathons without wearing my medals.

I've had my eye on the Sporty Gal Triathlon Pendant since I completed my first triathlon last September.  Most of the triathlon inspired jewelry say tri or have an ironman symbol.  Although I love the sport, I will not be completely an ironman any time soon which is why the Sporty Gal Triathlon Pendant is perfect.  It shows each sport and can be wore anytime.

Do you love to run?  The Sterling Sliver Love to Run necklace from Gone For A Run will show off your love without breaking your budget.  The sterling silver necklace is cute and only $39.99.

Do you wear race inspired jewelry?

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