Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eating Healthy at Holiday Parties

Since we have wrapped up Thanksgiving, I thought I would give some tips for eating healthy at holiday parties.  December is full of parties so here are some tips to stay on track.

1.  Eat before you go.  If you aren’t hungry when you get there you’ll be less likely to graze and over eat.

2.  Be the last in line.  The buffet or appetizer able looks great when you’re the first person to eat, but once a large amount of people have go through the line the food looks less appetizing. 

3.  Remember holiday drinks are full of calories.  Mix two ounces of wine with club soda, a little cranberry juice and lime juice for a wine spritzer.  Egg Nogg has 350 calories for one cup, a cup of vodka on the rocks is 96 calories and a glass of wine has 100 calories.

4.  Avoid stretchy clothes.  You want to feel when you are out of control.  If you wear clothes that are snug and doesn’t stretch then you will know if you are over eating. 

5.  Use a salad plate or appetizer plate and make it a rule not to stack food on top of each other. 

6.  Bring gum.  If you have had an appropriate serving of food start chewing gum.  It will help you to avoid picking at the food table.

7.  Stand more than an arm’s length away from munchies like a bowl of nuts or chips while you chat so you’re not tempted to raise your hand to your mouth every few seconds.

8.  Bring your own healthy dish.  If you bring a healthy dish you will have a sure fire way to at least eat one healthy item.

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