Friday, March 29, 2013

My Exercise Habits

Last week's exercise habits were absolutely horrible!  I worked out only two days last week and it was pretty forced.  I have to be better especially since the DietBet challenge will be ending soon.  But last week didn't work.

I was stressed from a crazy week at work, congestion was out of control, and March Madness.  Silly excuses I know but excuses nonetheless.  Monday I worked out at the gym and used the stationary bike for 30 minutes and definitely felt the work out and then Saturday I went for my first run since my injury.

The stationary bike went really well and I am currently hunting for a regular bike to ride for long workouts on the weekend when my husband is doing his long runs since I won't be doing long runs based upon my doctor's recommendation.

The run did not go as planned at all!  I was hoping to run a 5K since I hadn't went that far since February.  I made sure I was completely stretched and the foam roller didn't hurt in the morning so I thought I would be good to go.  When I got to the lake to run, it was pouring buckets but since my husband was running 14 miles I knew I had plenty of time to run 3 miles.  It stopped raining so I decided to go for it and see how it worked.  I started out feeling fabulous.  I probably went out too fast but my feet hitting the pavement felt wonderful.  At my halfway point, I could feel my leg starting to tighten a little so I turned around and stretched out before running some more.  Unfortunately, the stretching wasn't enough.  When I hit 1.93 miles I realized that I had to stop running or I would be in some serious pain.  I walked back to my car pretty disappointed but glad that I was able to go even if it was a small distance.

I plan to continue trying to run but know I have to create a workout to stay fit while still trying to help my knee.  I am already behind on this schedule this week but hopefully I will be able to pick it up fully next week.  I will updated my workout when I change it up.

My new workout:

Cross Training – Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred or 6 Week 6 Pack

Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
Arms – 15 minutes

Swimming laps – 30 minutes

Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
Abs – 15 minutes

Swimming laps – 30 minutes


Swimming laps – 50 minutes
Or running 30 minutes

What is your typical weekly workout look like?

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