Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Big 3-0!

Today, I turned the big 3-0.  I hadn't thought the birthday would be that big of a deal but it hit me hard.  Although I am happy with where I am in my life, I still felt like I was missing out.  Luckily, J made my birthday really special.

He and Sophie bought me a gorgeous necklace.

We stayed at a gorgeous hotel in Downtown St. Louis.

Then we went to Tony's for a fabulous dinner.  

Although 30 hit me hard, I knew I needed to evaluate how far I've come.  I lost a ton of weight. 

I've finished countless races, a triathlon, and I will be running a half marathon this weekend.

I'm in a stable loving relationship.

And even though I'm currently unemployed, I am pursuing a career that I'm passionate about and know I will enjoy.

I'm not sure what the future holds for year 30 but I think it will be a good year. 

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