Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November StrideBox Review

Each month I get pretty excited for my StrideBox.  Want to see what I got last month?  This month's StrideBox focused on cooler weather and running in the dark.  In my box, I received the following:

-Kay's Naturals - Snack or Cereal - Chili Nacho Cheese.  These snacks are gluten free and packed with 12g of plant based protein.  
Retails - $10.14/6 Packages or $1.69 per pack

-Emergems - Great Tasting Energy - bite size snacks with real chocolate, caffeine, & B-vitamins.
Retails - $8.96/3 Boxes or $2.99 per box

-Smarty Pants - Gummy Vitamins for Adults - I love myself some gummy vitamins.  These are packed with omega-3 and vitamin D.  I received 2 packets.
Retails - $29.95/Bottle

-Cardo Strong - Fitness Beverage:  A blend of cardiac nutrients, electrolytes, proteins, and vitamins.  Use stride to get 10% off.
Retails - $1.99/Package

-Epic Bar - Turkey, Almond, Cranberry.  To be honest this grosses me out but I'll try it.  It's glutton free and paleo friendly.
Retails - $8.50/3 Bars or $2.83 per bar

-Joshua Tree - Healing Salve:  organic, unscented, skin healer used for chafing.  This will be perfect this winter.
Retails - $5.75/15 ml 

-Joshua Tree - Natural Lip Balm.  Petroleum free.  Another great one for winter.
Retails - $4.50/Each

-Clip on light.  Great for running in the dark.  This item was not included in the Stride Guide so I do not know the value.

This month I was a little disappointed in my StrideBox but for $15 a month I'll continue my subscription.  

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