Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review - Emerge Fitness Training Sophia Galati

Today marks three months with my personal trainer Sophia Galati at Emerge Fitness Training.  You may remember that I was sent to Sophia to help with my back issues when running long distances.  The sessions started with really working on form and strengthening my hip flexors and core.  I immediately learned that my posture was pretty atrocious.  I have always been a sloucher but I didn't realize that this could hurt my back when running.  I started working on standing taller and made a conscious effort to do this while running.  In the beginning it was a struggle, but now if I slouched my shoulders and back hurts due to poor form.  

By strengthening my legs, hip flexors, and core I am now able to run 6 miles without pain.  In the past, my back would hurt when I made it to that mileage.  I am also capable of things I never dreamed of doing.  I have lifted weights with my legs and pushed a sled with weights that I didn't really know I was capable of doing.  My workouts with Sophia have progressively gotten more difficult and challenging, but she pushes me in ways that I would never push myself.  

She evaluated me based upon my needs and developed a program to get me back out the door running with the plans of running a half marathon this spring.  I know this time the result will different and I will not be in pain.  

Along with the benefits of getting in better running shape, I can also see a huge difference in my body.  See the results for yourself.


If the pictures are not enough evidence, I also have measurement evidence.

Chest: 1 inch lost
Waist:  1 inch lost 
Right Thigh: 1 inch gained 
Left Thigh:  1 inch gained 
Right Bicep:  1 inch gained 
Left Bicep:  1 inch gained 

I honestly have only good things to stay about Sophia.  Although my three months are up, I plan to continue working with Sophia because I know she will push me in new ways.  If you are in St. Louis and are looking for a trainer, I would highly recommend Sophia Galati at Emrege Fitness Training.  

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