Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goodbye Wheat

After reading Wheat Belly, I decided to do a wheat experiment.  My experiment was to exclude wheat from my diet for two weeks.  I honestly didn't think cutting wheat from my diet would have any effect on how I felt.  I thought Wheat Belly was a great book but I really didn't think I could have Wheat Belly.  Boy was I wrong. 

As I mentioned in my review, when I was in law school I was tested for a gluten allergy and celiac's disease.  The tests were negative so I thought my experiment wouldn't show any results.  

After two days, I started to see a difference.  I had much more energy than I have ever had.  I would wake up ready to go and even able to perform two workouts in a day when I was suffering from a head cold.  Typically, when I get a head cold I am down for the count.  I lay around and have very little energy, I do not feel like working out let alone doing two workouts.  But last Thursday, I was ready to go.  I honestly think I could have ran a few miles without problems if I didn't want to over do it because I was sick.  

In addition to have so much energy, I also overall feel better.  Typically my time of the month is a doozy.  This may be too much TMI, but I am trying to show how eliminating wheat has helped me.  During my time, I get cramps and at least two migraines.  I normally have to take midol and excedrin just to function.  This time around I did not take midol and I took one excedrin because I was getting a minor headache that I thought might turn into a migraine.  Nothing else.  

I also suffer from having joint pain in my hips.  Working with my personal trainer has helped with that, but I still have my own aches and pains.  Since eliminating wheat I haven't felt those aches and pains.

I also feel less bloated.  Totally a plus!

J was very skeptical when I started my wheat belly experiment, but he has even said that I should eliminate wheat full time given how well I am feeling.  

Based upon my health, I have decided to eliminate wheat going forward.  I feel so much better that I know I must give it up.  I am not saying eliminating wheat is great for everyone, but I know I feel better.  If you are going to give it up, go with a two week experiment.  You will start feeling the benefits and know if eliminating wheat is right for you.  

So what does that mean for Fitness By Alicia?  I plan to continue posting Weight Watchers friendly recipes, but these recipes will now be gluten free.  

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