Monday, May 5, 2014

Healthy Travel Tips

I don't do a lot of traveling, but I have had a few requests for healthy travel tips.  So I decided to put together a post with some tips that I find useful so you can stay on track.

When J and I went to Vegas in February, I had been doing really well with my eating and working out.  So I wanted for the most part to stay on track.  I knew that one evening I would be completely eating unhealthy with our nice Valentine's Day dinner.  

So I followed these tips to stay mostly on track.  These tips are great if you are flying:

1.  Bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport.  

Once you have made it through security fill the water bottle at one of the filtered locations.  A lot of airports now have water bottle fill stations.  If your only option is the water fountain.  See if you can fill the water bottle at one of the soda fillers because the water will be filtered.  By brining a water bottle, you will be saving money at the airport plus staying hydrated on the plan.

2.  Bring along healthy snacks. 

Who wants to spend $8 for trail mix or $5 for an apple?  I personally do not.  So when I travel, I try to bring a long fruit and other healthy items to eat.  I normally do not travel with items that have to be refrigerated but will fly with low fat string cheese because I am not as worried about cheese as other items.  You can also pack other items such as nuts, dried fruit, and cereal bars (if you eat those) to have while at your hotel.

3.  Visit a super market once you are at your hotel.

I don't always do this.  But if you want to make sure you stay on track.  Go to a super market and pick up typical things you eat.  If your hotel room has a refrigerator, pick up items for salads and fruit.  If you have a microwave you can always have oatmeal for breakfast (no microwave you can heat water in the coffee pot and make oatmeal as well).  If you don't want to visit a super market, the next tip is really important!

4.  Plan your meals.

I am not saying you need to bring every meal from home.  I am saying to plan ahead.  Look at menus online before you are going to the restaurant and decide what you are having before you get there.  This way you are not under pressure from others who are ordering unhealthy.  Pick a lean protein item or go with seafood.  When we were in Vegas, I had seafood on two different occasions and it was delicious and extra healthy.  I am one of these people if I don't plan a head, I get overwhelmed by a menu and make poor choices.  By looking at the menus, I know what I can and shouldn't be eating.

5.  Bring workout gear.

Most hotels have a gym.  But if you don't pack workout gear then you aren't able to use it.  Plan to bring workout items with you and schedule those like you would any meeting.  If you know the evening is full of scheduled times, get up a little earlier and squeeze in a workout.  Your body will thank you.  

If for some reason your hotel doesn't have a gym or you are visiting friends out of town, you can do this workout without a gym and it only takes 15 minutes!!

6.  Walk, walk, and walk 

If you are in a new city, do as much walking to explore it as possible.  By walking every where you are saving money on cabs but also getting in some exercise by walking.  You will be surprised how walking you really get in when visiting a city.  

These are just a few of my healthy tips for traveling.

What are your healthy tips?

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