Friday, March 1, 2013


So Tuesday night, I put on my swimsuit and headed to the Tom Muehlenbeck Center.  

My city has these great recreation centers and if you are resident the fees are so inexpensive.  An annual fee is only $130 how great is that!  There are several centers and you can use them interchangeably.  I only paid the $6 daily pass but I plan on picking up the annual pass shortly. 

When I got to the center, I paid my fees and headed to the pool area.  The pool was packed.  There was a leisure pool that was holding a class for parents and their kids and a lap pool.  Let me just say that I felt completely out of place.  The lanes were packed and there was a coach instructing people.  So I sat on a bench and debated on leaving.

Then the coach asked me if I was part of the Master's Class and I said I wasn't that I just wanted to swim to rehab my knee.  He told me that one of the lanes would open in about 5 minutes and I could have it for 20 minutes at least.  He said that then I would have to go to one of the 2 open swim lanes.  I said that would be perfect.  I just sat and observed and debated.  When the guy finished up in his lane, I decided I should do this.  So I started swimming laps.  

As I did this, I noticed that I was the only one without a swim cap and goggles.  I kept thinking they were going to ask me to leave.  It was kind of nerve racking.  I swam for a while and then someone joined my lane.  I didn't know lane etiquette so when he was stopped at the wall I asked him to make sure I wasn't in his way.  I wasn't so I continued swimming until another class needed my lane.  

I then moved over to the other lane and swam for about another five minutes and realized my lane now had four people in it.  That many people made me really nervous so I decided to call it a day.   I swam a total of 25 minutes and felt like I got a really good workout.  

I still felt uncomfortable but plan on continuing my new workout.  I picked up a swim cap and goggles Wednesday and went swimming last night which went better.

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Have you tried new workouts?  Do you ever feel uncomfortable while at the gym?

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