Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Knee Update

You may remember from my last post, that I had an MRI last week and was meeting with my doctor yesterday to get the results.

I was really worried about what the results would be since running on the elliptical hurt.  So I went to the doctor last night and was none too pleased with the news.  The MRI showed that I have an injury to my meniscus.  The doctor said that the MRI didn't show a tear (so that is a plus) but he did mention that sometimes meniscus injuries do not heal on their own.  He said that if that happened that they may have to go in and repair/clean the meniscus.  The doctor said that my knee should return to normal on its own but you never know

He also told me that I must avoid all impact activities (running, elliptical, bike, etc) for six weeks.  He also said that he wants me to avoid activity that requires my knee to make the bending motion.  Not so good.  I did ask if I could swim and the doctor actually recommended that since I will be working my knee without the impact.  He also said I could do strength training but avoid anything that requires me to bend my knees.  So my two major workout activities are out - running and 30 Day Shred.

As I was leaving the doctor, I looked at the calendar and realized six weeks from now would be April 10th.  Since the Big D Half Marathon is April 14th that is definitely out.  I was really disappointed and grumpy with my knee news, but know that I have to take it easy since I am trying to avoid surgery.

I will definitely continue swimming (a post tomorrow on my first time) and do some arm strength exercises and some ab work but will be taking it relatively easy.

I know that this injury will make me cranky, pissed, and grumpy but in the end I will be stronger because I will have new exercises in my routine and will continuing to stay fit.

If anyone has specific swimming exercises or ab moves that don't require bending knees please let me know!   I am trying to find some more exercises.

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